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Some laundry tips are mostly a waste of time and money. Here are six laundry myths debunked with some real information you can use that will make laundry easier.

Hair Spray Removes Ink

Using hairspray to remove ink from laundry was a useful tip in the 1950s. Hairspray companies use to utilize alcohol in their formulas, and that was what would help remove ink stains. Fast forward to today’s hairsprays, and they’re different from those aerosols of the ’50s.

Hot Water Kills All Germs
Using hot water alone for laundry does not kill all bacteria. Washing clothing of someone who is sick can spread the germs throughout the entire washer, whether you use hot or cold water. Only a disinfectant like bleach will sanitize the laundry and the washer.

More Detergent = Cleaner Clothes
More is not always better when it comes to laundry detergent! Using too much detergent creates excessive suds that will redeposit soil onto your clothing. It can be difficult to read the measuring lines in liquid detergent caps. Try taking a permanent marker to enhance those lines. This trick will help save you money and help get your laundry cleaner!

Dryer Lint Is No Big Deal
Dryer lint is no big deal if you don’t mind having high energy bills, waiting longer for clothes to dry, excessive lint left on clothes, and potentially causing a fire. Create a new laundry routine by checking the lint filter before you press the on button! Once a year remember to clean the ductwork and upgrade it if needed. Starting this new routine will save you money, time and, possibly, the lives of your family.

Lemon Juice to Boost Detergent Power
This myth states that adding the juice of one lemon to the wash cycle will increase the effectiveness of your detergent. There is some truth behind this myth. Acids are effective in cutting through the build-up of soil, detergent, and fabric softener residues that are left on clothes. Unfortunately, there is not enough juice in one lemon to help. The average lemon only has three tablespoons of juice.

Add Coffee to Rinse Water to Keep Clothes Black
Adding just two cups of coffee to the rinse cycle will help clothes maintain their darkness. While coffee is an effective dye, the average rinse cycle in a standard top load washer uses 16 gallons of water! You would need to use considerably more than two cups of coffee to see any type of results.