Our Story

Family Owned For More Than 50 Years

Laundry Land Lincoln is currently owned by Mary Cox, who is the granddaughter of the man who started the first coined laundry in Lincoln, Nebraska. Mary’s father took over in 1970 and owned almost all the coined laundries in Lincoln. He retired in 2004, but the family-owned business still lived on and it was passed down to Mary and her siblings. Mary runs Laundry Land Lincoln, which is on 56th & Holdrege, and this particular laundromat was founded in 1989.

Being a family-owned business, Laundry Land Lincoln continues to build a community by creating a welcoming, clean, and comfortable environment for customers to do their laundry. The act of doing laundry doesn’t always have to be a tedious job. Elaine, a long-term employee of Laundry Land, has said that the reason she has stayed for so long is the ability to talk to people and get to know their story. She remembers the names of almost every returning customers at Laundry Land.


What Makes Us Different?


Laundry doesn’t have to be a tedious job! We strive to create a personal connection with customers and build a welcoming environment for people and make sure they enjoy their experience of doing laundry at our facility.


Our #1 priority is to keep the facility clean to ensure a comfortable environment for customers to enjoy. We also have a snack bar featuring our signature homemade popcorn, and lounge area for customers.


Although some of our services may be self-service, our trained staff will be more than happy to assist you. We have many utilities such as ATM machines, snack bar, coin-changer, and provide various brands of detergents, bleach, and softeners.