Self-Served Coin Operated Laundry

We try our very best to create a comfortable and convenient environment at our facility. We have over 70 machines in our facility, which gives you more than enough room to do your laundry with comfort. As many people have testified, our area is clean, which is one of the most important factors people are looking for. We have various sizes of laundry machines, which differ in terms of load size. Although it’s self-served, don’t worry! Our staff will be here to assist you if you need our help. We have laundry carts and folding/sorting tables distributed throughout the facility for your use. Contact Us for more information!

Drop-Off Laundry

Don’t have time to do your laundry? Drop it off at our facility and we’ll get that handled for you. Depending on the weight of your laundry, we will get your laundry washed and dried on the same day you drop it off. Please note that we do not do ironing pressing, or dry-cleaning. Feel free to contact us for more information! Thank you.

Pick-Up / Delivery

We offer scheduled pick-up & delivery service for your laundry. We usually pick-up and deliver about twice a week and require advanced scheduling. We also provide recurring pick-up and delivery services upon requests. We are inspired to offer this service with the thought of helping the elderly or disabled who are not able to go down the stairs or lift with ease, and we have a growing desire to assist with that. If you are interested in scheduling, please fill in our Contact Form and we will get back to you shortly.


YES! We offer commercial laundry services too. We do not have a fixed industry we would provide our service to, so everybody is welcomed. We regularly clean various items for businesses ranging from office gowns, to table cloths, to linens and comforters from dorms. We also clean HORSE BLANKETS. Contact Us if you’re interested in our commercial services, we would be happy to assist you.