Removing Tough Odors

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Many of us toss our clothes in the washer, thinking that it’s enough to just wash them. When we finish washing and drying them, they look clean as they are put away. Then, when we wear them, by mid-afternoon there is an obvious odor. This odor happens when our body oils and perspiration become trapped in the fibers – even after being laundered. Clothes begin to smell when our bodies warm the fabric, which releases the odor molecules. Gross, right?

Reay to fix this issue? First, take the time to treat the underarm areas to remove deodorant build-up that traps odors and can cause fabrics to also yellow over time. Then, use a heavy-duty detergent specifically designed to remove body oil and pungent grime and build up. For clothes that have been worn and washed but still have an odor, mix two cups baking soda in a container with warm water. Add the smelly clothing and allow them to soak for 24 hours. Then, wash the clothing using the previous steps above. 

Removing musty odors can be challenging. For clothes that are machine washable, add one cup of baking soda to the wash cycle along with the detergent. Mix the solution thoroughly and allow the clothing to soak for at least one hour before completing the wash. Before the final rinse cycle, add one-half cup distilled white vinegar. Hang the washed clothing outside to dry and get yourself smelling great again!

Snack while you wait!

Let’s face it. Doing laundry is kind of boring. Get yourself a treat while your clothes are processing and make the wait go by quicker.