Sports Are Back

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Some sports are back! More specifically football season is upon us once again. While we are all busy cheering our teams on they are busy making a mess of their uniforms! That means it’s time to brush up on how to remove grass stains. Here are some quick tips to try:

  1. Take a cloth or sponge; wet it with rubbing alcohol. It is best to do a bleed test on a small portion of the fabric in a hidden spot first.
  2. Let it dry and then rinse with cold water.
  3. Work in detergent and rinse again.
  4. Let it air dry and then launder as usual.


Our goal is to create a comfortable and convenient environment at our facility. We have over 70 machines in our facility, which gives you more than enough room to do your laundry with comfort. As many people have testified, our area is clean, which is one of the most important factors people are looking for in a laundry-mat. We have various sizes of laundry machines, which differ in terms of load size. Although it’s self-served, don’t worry! Our staff will be here to assist you if you need our help. We have laundry carts and folding/sorting tables distributed throughout the facility for your use.